Web3 User Research

We connect researchers and Web3 participants

Gain quick access to quality participants or earn income by taking part in studies.

Interviews, surveys, usability tests, focus groups, Sgnal has you covered for all your user research needs.

Access a pool of vetted, qualified Web3 research participants to ensure reliable data.

Save Time - Leave the hard work to us

Eliminate hours of tedious outreach let us do the work for you.

Transform Your User Research Workflow

Generate high-quality research results quickly to guide your product development.

Target With Precision

Classify your research participants based on categories and utilities such as DeFi, Gaming, Fashion sports, NFT ownership and more.

We have the worlds largest, laser-focused database of Web3 users, ready for you to chat to.

We have analyzed the blockchain into over 34industry and 32 utility categories, so we know the people behind our pool of 250M wallets.




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Simplifying User Research for the Web3 World

Sgnal makes user research for Web3 a breeze, giving you deeper insights into decentralized user bases.

Make faster, better Web3 decisions.

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